No elephants or rhinos spawning in savanna

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: spawning bug
Server type: [Enter one of the following: PVE
Region: USA

** Elephant and rhinos and a boss tiger will no spawn in the savanna area, only a few large cats roam around. I have contacted my server host they cannot figure it out, and I do not use any mods and have not changed anything in the files.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

There are plenty of rhinos south of Sepermeru, including a 3-skull.
Plenty of elephants, including a 3-skull, and a white tiger north of the sinkhole near the Ruins of Al’Merayah.

If you don’t see them there, you may want to verify your local files through Steam. Some things can get screwed up. If that does not solve it, there are other potential sources of the problem.

As a resource, try to find what you want.

Good luck !



Building on several locations there will block spawning. Of baby animals and adults.

We have nothing built in the area.

Hey @daenerys

The way it looks, it seems it is either an issue with landclaim blocking the spawn of wildlife around those areas, or the server is indeed running some mod that is affecting this functionality.
Just in case, does this still happen when restarting the server?

For what it’s worth, I believe that the “Pride Rock” savanna area has previously been a bad undermesh spot.

If you have been in touch with the server admins, you may be able to get them to go into ghost mode, and go underneath the ground of the savanna and look for rogue landclaim blocks in the undermesh.


Yes it happens even after a reset, I’m a admin I can give ghost and see if that’s the issue. Thanks for the help so far. :slight_smile:

Do you use some mods on your privat server ?

I still have plenty rhinos, elephants in my games, so must be on your side. Also make sure there is no foundations left around a possible spawnpoints, sometimes fences foundations can be hidden very well.

shouldn’t rogue block decay?

Sounds like a landclaim problem. Try having players from two different clans sweep the area with a foundation to see if they get the message that the land has already been claimed. The reason I say two different clans is in case the land belongs to one of them, then you’ll need the other to detect it.

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