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[Free text] I do not have the ability to post pic or video so I will try this best as I can
Going from the black galleon not down the river but up top when you reach the savanna u have they path to the right which you can take to get to the white tiger the one down the middle where you’ll see the first elephant and the one to the left witch takes you next to the cliff. Now I was going towards the elephant and went to the left under the cliff about half of the way and built there
***when I started building a small camp to help with gathering hides I build the base like half a circle I placed large spike walls and some foundations between them and put a few peaceables and about 7 thrills to defend it and a few tannerys it only was about 15 foundations loans and 5 wide but most of it was just towers for archer which was two foundations tall and two long to build stairs to get to them every ting was working about the time I built it after I left I came back and the two elephant did not spawn one spawned next to my base which is not weird but the other one at the entrance was not there which was weird I built to far away for it to despawn cause the lion on the small rock in front of my camp was there so I started going to get the hides and strangely the elephant mini boss was gone along with all rhinos and elephants but all of the tigers and gazelles and kudos where still spawning which makes no sense so I left came back still no rhinos or elephants just tigers and the fear and tiger cubs after two days I thought it was a lag issues so I waited for the
Patch you just released and still the same so I destroyed my base and moved same area but to a different spot and they all came back and I’m having same issues at mounds of the dead I built a small base this time but well out side there no build zone off to the right of the bigger building of the cimmera clan the npcs that are closer to my nave are spawning but some will only spawn in I stand within 5 meters of them like the group on the rock that all the bridges where the ones are sitting like the are having a meeting otherwise they will not spawn and some which are in the same building will spawn were others won’t even if the farther away and my base is in that flat patch to the right but I build 7 foundations away from the no build zone and I reduced my land claim radius to half so far these to areas are the only ones doing that but that spot in savanna if I build the no elephants or rhinos will ever spawn an I doing something wrong or issues in particular related to the game like a bug or some type of conflict that I am missing. And these issues had 6 days before patch so it is not this patch that did this

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Hello @Gloatingtomb6, the claim area should prevent NPCs from spawning which is expected and intended behavior, so we’d advise you not to build too close to areas where you want the spawns to occur normaly.

right but it did it for the hole area including ones on the far side like elephants and rhinos that were dozens of meters away which is my question was more of is there something there despawning all elephants and rhinos but not the tiger 3 meters from my base and the rhions were on the other side of the area which wasn’t right and the area is buildable but I no that there are triggers and such that cant see on my xbox whitch is more my question is there something there I cant see if it despawned all elephants and rhinos in the area but not the tigers which are again 3 meters away from me then that makes no since

so is there something there that I cant see such as a dev kit marker and that is my concern im hitting something I don’t see cause there are no rhinos near where I built just one elephant

I went to the mounds of the dead and destroyed almost all of my base all trees and plants spawn in between my base and cimmera clan and still some missing and some will not spawn unless I stand within 5meters of where they would spawn so it was not my base that is the problem it’s the game there testing savanna next edit some npcs are still having issues loading and about 5 are missing but some came back expect for the 5 and the game keeps crashing when I repaired my equipment there in my inventory now not sure if that is related to load times or a bug but wanted to mention that just in case don’t know why I did not put cloak on lol but it still crashes when I do that and the five missing are strange kinda the ones that stand still are walking around and the ones that walk around are standing still :thinking: I’ll reset sever a couple times see if that fix is it

So I built a lot of simple foundations in savanna the elephants and rhinos disappeared but tigers and deer came back and destroyed the foundations group at a time but I built a large camp in there to function the foundations stopped the rhinos and elephants from spawning but the tigers and deer would spawn on the foundations but rhinos and elephants won’t are the tigers and deer on different tables than rhinos and elephants it so can you explain what makes them different and my small camp that I moved to is right next to three elephants but they and the rhinos come back and I long time ago was able to build in these spots with out this happening so I’m confused on some of these as they should all despawn if I build there at all not just some I’m not asking for numbers and coding but more of the difference in the savanna and in case I build near these animals to prevent this in the future

Some npcs in the mounds of the dead are still having loading issues and the home mound houses lol I’m not sure what you call them but they are having issues loading to npc load before they do and repairing armor in the camp or weapons can lead to lag as well which I see the both of those may be what’s causing my crashes some npcs still missing two archers and three fighters unless there just having issues loading in and I’m not going to stand there for an hours to find out there enough for me to find and break

The claim area should affect all NPCs, regardless of type and rank.

Did you change any server setting that would affect the spawn timer?

No i did not how ever i did more testing and i only buiit on swagger rock and all tigers gone but elepant and rhino still spawn but i fugre out most of the savanna and where to build and where not to so that all good ive learnt something new lol

The mounds of the dead the undead spawn in my base when not all the clan of cimmera would i destroyed most of my base and most came back including one that spawn inbtween me and them so im out of there zone range but alot of them and their houses tables chairs beds ect have long load times and at times when nothing in there on the floor has purple lines in shape of large squares like tic tak toe in that shape so i got savan thaken care of on my side now its just issuse with mounds of the dead that i cant solve but there are thing such as there main house where on of the cook books are the table textures are messed up its picth black when it should be light gray and not just mounds of dead but here and there npc archers when they start moving a lot there top half of there body frezze like there standing still and guarding but there bottom half is moving and some time their feet are facing me and there chest is facing away from me so I think I may have broke there spine and they can no longer shoot or fight and I don’t know how to reproduce the problem it just happens randomly when fighting them :bomb:

there are many issues on singleplayer that im not sure are right like in the dreges when you enter there you have the open area and water hole with chest but if you quit the game and then reload it the are kimno lizards walking there that will only spawn if you quit the game while in the dungeon which makes no since ive been playing before aquilan dlc and back then I had no crashes until recent and that is why I found out there are lizards spawn when I got kick in ther and loged back in and there are a lot more that are not spawning or if they do not all of them and texture issues like in the well of skelo above serpant feat stone to the left parts are suttering but I have not had the time to go through all of it and there a lot I know we are to start new post for all of that but I don’t have time to upkeep on all of them and steps questions how to reproduce this is to much for me lol:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:this sucks theres to much for me to handle by my self

also for got in the unnamed city where the glowing undead boss is the city walls not the pillars{so far} you can walk through them and I thought I had bad walls

no wonder they lost the war against the humans lol::rofl:

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