Building on World Bosses

I have a response directly from Funcom, to a report I made, that says that building around world bosses IS ALLOWED.

That said, are there any that anyone knows of that aren’t allowed due to another reason? I’m thinking of building in the little area around the Crocodile at H6.

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Playing on a official pve server Playstation some one built a fishing hut in the pond this is boss crocodile below Sinners refuge fortunately they did not despawn the crocodile. Some places should be made impossible to build. @MrsMisfit

Should just make it so any boss goes and deletes anything built near it with a massive damage buff instead of despawning or outright banning building there lol.

Couod imagine some poor sod placing a foundation down and immediately seeing “A swarm of territorial Crocodiles is scouting your lands” followed by endless waves of crocs who focus on buildings with a big damage boost and drop no loot if killed XD

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