Players causeing bosses to despawn from chest location

This is really an issue to people on a PVE server when a player builds a base around the area where a boss spawns and so does the chest for legendary weapons. There needs to be a strict foundation landclaim where players cannot build around areas like that as its done for enemy NPC camps.


This is quite a problem. So far we’ve lost 2 giant crocs and a few ghosts that I know of. 1 clan has recently attempted to keep a third croc to themselves.

there is simple fix to this issue… 1000% (or what ever %…) increase their attack vs buildings…

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there is no fix to this for official pve servers when theres already an issue with the purge not happening at all. So far we’ve lost all croc boss spawns except the cave croc, spider, scorpion, rhino king, bug boss, white tiger, rocknose king, and quite a few more as well as almost all paths to drag thralls through have been blocked off by clans

Make world bosses spawn cause an earthquake, demolishing all nearby structures and killing all npcs…


Make it so world bosses spawn no matter building placement and make them deal ridiculous damage vs buildings like 10k% damage buff vs T3 stuff even that way it fixes itself really fast. And works as a built in punishment for griefer people blocking such things off


Same problem on pve server 1506 clan disciples built on top of bat tower where you build the staff cant gain access to it and boss is not spawning up please fix this these guys are going around blocking everything they can and bragging about it knowing there is nothing we can do !!!

Funcom have been very open that they will not be moderating servers so there is no fixing this currently and noone is going to do this for you.

That’s why these suggestions are really the only ways around the issues. Otherwise you will need to find another server or host one so you can fix these players yourself

That is all fine and dandy but a place like the bat tower should be the same as any dungeon a no build zone

The world bosses were a late addition during early access.
I think they just forgot to make these zones non buildable.
There are a lot of non buildable zones that have existed since early ea, they just haven’t fixed it before final release.

They have said they will address this in an upcoming patch.

I personally am going to take great joy in watching a few buildings crumble.

Hm. Hilarious moment:
“Oh Mrs Spidy isnt there.”
kaboom, spidy spawn
dying sounds
“Whaaat?! Did she have to spawn in right now? :/”

Btw. Landclaim supresses spawning, so if someone built there, that lil keykeeping boss wont spawn at all… That wont be dealt with by causing them to aoe the crap out of the spawn point on spawn.

Again best solution I can see is just make them spawn no matter what. Doesn’t matter what base is built there than because they will mess up anything put there and the garentee spawn will add some fun to the ones that are currently blocked if it were implemented.

Also as a side add a 5 or 10x damage multiplayer to boss damage vs buildings.

Currently this is how I deal with griefers on my server I just spawn 5 or 6 bosses in their base and watch the Carnage unfold. Than after it’s done I wipe out the bosses and spawn a no griefing allowed sign. Has been working quite well. And even gives the griefer a chance to try and defend if they want too.

It has actually caused the people I commonly play with to start asking for an arena where people can battle bosses. Which I have debated building

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And people will came with such bosses to your base, just to wipe it for free, on PvE :smiley:

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I actually didn’t think of this on pve but this would add a new function to the game as well.

Another option would be to limit their travel from spawn to prevent that and make them heal quickly when not in combat but this would take alot of rebalance. To be honest I doubt they will bother changing much outside of adding no build zones. Really the big issue is a game like this is not meant to be played PVE but people wanted it so it’s there but not designed around that kinda game play.only way to really fix it is to limit pve game play to unofficial servers so server owners/moderators can deal with griefers.

Funcom have no intention of adding moderation so official PVE won’t work

Everything of that is baid-fixing which will create issues for legit players as well.
Blocking building around spawn zone is more than enough

Kinda what I said in the second part of the post that you cut out. I just posted an option followed by the opinion that really most fixes won’t help. Especially on PVE.

Even if you limit building all that will happen is someone will build a big wall around the spawn are just outside the no build zone. Which will bring us back to the same issue. The real issue with this is there is no way to fix this game to be balanced around PVE without playing on a moderated server. No matter what is implemented to prevent trolls they will just adapt and find a new way to mess with it. And on PVE there is little you can do to fight back.

That’s an issue of building from my PoV, there’s should be weigh limit which support platform can handle so every huge structure will require some engineering instead of slapping pieces one on another

Do you mean like only being able to build 4 ceilings on a 100 stability wall? Thats already in…

no, i’m talking about weigh.
Something like that: if you place foundation on top of celling build 2 steps aside from foundation which actually stands on ground - celling will break, or if you stack foundation/walls on foundation more than two/three times you’ll break basic foundation due to gravity and weigh, so you need to distribute weigh load from constructions on top, which makes huge walls extremely expensive, also it can even damage unoptimal constructions forcing spammer to repair bad construction every hour or so :slight_smile:

Issue here is this would require a redesign of the current build system not an easy thing to do and opens doors for more bugs and exploits.

Also if it is just a single layer wall 2-3 high around an area made of black ice you will not be able to climb or cross so it’s still a fail.

Really have to stop and think like a griefer for a minute and you will quickly see almost any suggestions will end up working in their favor more than yours. Only true option is to be able to attack structures and you cannot due to PVE