Crocodiles seem to be venturing into deeper water, sometimes becoming stuck

Game mode Online and Single-player
Mods None
Host Combat_TestLive_US1_PvP and Singleplayer
Type of issue Misc
Server type PvP and PvE
Region North America
Version 204197/24057

Having encountered Crocodiles over 2 dozen times in play testing, I’ve certainly noticed them venturing into deeper waters more often than typical. Once in my Solo game, I needed to admin kill a Croc that was stuck in deep water despite NPCs and myself causing it to gain aggression, but it was unable to move or attack.

One of the areas is the thin peninsula west of the Shattered Bridge where the named wanderer spawn is. Others all along the river out to the Jungle biome. In the Jungle, another croc became submerged and never emerged.

Perhaps this has something to do with any undermesh work that has taken place recently? Speculation.

In another area, there is a Crocodile that appears suddenly out in the middle of the body of water, only to swoop up and appear interested in taking a bite out of the player who is swimming nearby the trigger location. This is possibly a small visual treat, though. There is never a Croc in whole form underwater if you explore the area, afterwards.

TeleportPlayer -83203.210938 243771.765625 -20289.996094

This might also be as prevalent on Production, but I just have not experienced it as frequently there.


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