Crom, grant me the ability to move my lips in VOIP!

Dearest developers,

I could imagine you guys are pretty busy with all the stuff that’s going on right now.

You just released a great new expansion.
I’ve been checking out all the concept art on artstation and your developer streams.
Nice stuff, thanks for our new playground! :heart:

But if you could find some time between all those hours of fixing, patching, scripting and reading dumb complains on twitter only to maybe present our characters with some lip movement. - That would be so great.

Imagine all the cool things a simple lip animation could come along with!

Players who gather in a crowd would actually know who exactly is speaking right now.
Creators on youtube or steam could get really creative with their video ideas.

Imagine how much more alive a character would seem if his lips started moving once we press the push to talk button.

And so on…

So if you’re reading this, probably with a coffee mug glued to your hand and tired eyes from all the work of the past weeks, please just think about it.

Let’s just imagine for a minute.

Lip sync for VOIP - How great would that be? :lips:


Yes and then I can find swed rob and ask him what does the Fox say

Would be nice though

GTA5 / FiveM modding community has made use of this feature and it gives life to a lot of the RP that players want in that community. Conan Exiles on twitch has more “RP” streamers than non, so it would actually fit well with that audience.

Sounds like too high tech for funcom to do.

there are even mods what make my lips move in a Derketo Temple.

It would be nice.

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