Suggestion: Lip Sync with VoIP


I know I’ve sent this suggestion to @JEV before, but out of all of the features I’ve requested, this one is the most important to me personally. I realize that it’s not really a gameplay feature, and it is completely cosmetic, but having those lip movements with voip just adds that extra bit of flavor to voip RP scenes.

A friend of mine mentioned that lip syncing with voip might require a very expensive third party plug-in, if that is the case, I am guessing I’m going to get a hard “nope” on this one.

Either way, I wanted to post it here for recording purposes. A slice of bread can dream after all!


It would be cool, they are work on facial animations for introduction cinematic, I hop they will continue working on that and will have this immerssive rp feature.


I love the idea in theory. Anything added that helps to keep me immersed is a huge plus in my book. However, that’s said with the complete bliss of ignorance related to any sort of knowledge regarding developmental costs.


Yeah, I’ve heard that they might need a license for it. Maybe they already have one that they could use, or they developed something in-house?

I don’t think UE4 has a built in VoIP lip sync rig, but I could be wrong.

Mouth movement / lip sync for VOIP

Check out Star Citizen’s “Face Over IP” – FOIP using a webcam. Amazing feature. This is the evolution of social media, drop into a game world hang out with friends, family meet strangers and kill them. It may be a licensed tech, from another development firm. Basically plug and play modules.