VoIP Range Implementation

Hi, it’s me, the guy that brought you such suggestions as “Turning animations”, and the “Big Ol’ VoiP” thread. I’m back, with another suggestion!

Overall, the new VoIP has been pretty solid, the clarity is good, reliability of the service has been okay, there have been a few outages after the more recent patches, but they were resolved. Occasionally, people still have issues with it, but they’re gross, and we don’t talk about them. I’m kidding they’re beautiful, and precious. I don’t know why they have issues, it may be medical, but probably not. Based on what I’ve noticed, I think it’s related to mods or a mod, but I can’t be sure. I’m not a developer, and I have the brain capacity of a squirrel, which is why I’m :100: the best person to be suggesting game features.

Anyway, here we go:

While the current VoIP improvements have been a godsend, there are often instances where voices overlap. People build with this voice overlap in mind, and keep heavily trafficked areas separated, but even still it isn’t very effective, crowds can get unreasonably loud, and chaotic, even when people are properly spaced out. It’s a nightmare.

Myself, and many of my voip roleplaying constituents would love to see voip ranges implemented, and by that we mean the ability to hit a key or keys that adjust the distance at which your voice travels.

Implementation Example 1: Hit a key once, it cycles from 8m (Normal) to 32m (Shouting), hit the key again, and it’s 3m (Whispering). With some sort of visual indicator or text that tells us which range we’re speaking at.

Implementation Example 2 (preferable): You can bind Whisper, Normal, and Shout options to the keys of your choosing, the ranges would fall into the ranges listed above, with some sort of visual indicator or text that tells us which range we’re speaking at.

A system like this was implemented in Atlas, which has since changed, I believe they were previously using Vivox, and shifted over to something else for console compatibility, and lost this feature. I know that the Darkside RP server still has this ability, but they’ve implemented it themselves through modding after the base game changed its voip service.

I realize that some people may get around this by using discord, but for roleplayers, we’re actively telling stories together, and part of that enjoyment is giving others an opportunity to overhear these conversations and to use that info in whatever way their character would choose. We just don’t want to hear private conversations happening 100 feet above our heads in an enclosed stone tower, unless we’re putting in the work to hear it (climbing and or sneaking close enough for it to be reasonable to overhear).

As always, thanks for considering my dumb ideas, and thank you for giving us a wonderful platform for telling our stories. :heart:

PS: We still turning like this in the game. :eyes:


Please. Pretty please with top-tier role-play on top.

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It would definitely be a very nice upgrade to be able to plot in your big ■■■ booty fortress and not have people knowing what I’m up to even though they’re standing outside on the bottom of the hill. Makes for awkward ravens.

This gets my stamp of approval.

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This. 100% THIS. It would improve the quality of roleplay so much.

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Can I just say @Bizcotto that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thread. Definitely gave me a laugh. And what a great suggestion! I play on console so it wouldn’t affect me much, but I can definitely see the benefit for role players on PC. This would be a really cool feature.

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I appreciate the love, @Zeropoint!

I try to make my suggestions/posts on here enjoyable and positive, because I feel as though the forums and devs need it.

I believe that you guys have Vivox, as of the latest patch on consoles, so if you find a roleplay server out there in the console community, it’s definitely something that could benefit console players as well!

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I did not know that. I will have to check it out thanks!

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This is a fantastic suggestion. VOIP overlap can be a large barrier to RPers. It requires very spread out builds if you want to make sure you can’t hear the town tavern chatter in your private quarters (for example). I think adding the additional range layers will also increase our sense of immersion in the world you all have built for us to tell stories in. Please give this some serious consideration!

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