Please Improve VOIP (Voice Chat)

Lots of streamers playing, and it’s noticeable the quality of the VOIP is lacking in a few ways.

Here’s a few of the ways it could be improved:

  • Increase quality of audio transfer. It’s not bad as-is, but people feel as if it’s worse quality than other multiplayer online games. Maybe worth looking into.
  • Mouth movements while broadcasting. This one might be a long shot, but it was said that in the opening cinematic the player has a facial rig. It would really improve RP to have mouth movements.
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Yes, I was about to post about this as well. There is still a strange muffled sound to everyone in-game, almost like we’re talking into cans. The quality is definitely better than it was a year ago, but it’s still noticeably worse than almost all of the multiplayer games out there right now.

The voice clarity is incredibly important to the VoIP RP community, the mouth movements, while important, are still secondary to just having a clean VoIP experience.

I really hope this is something being worked on before the 8th.

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I almost felt like posting this in the bug section, because honestly, I don’t think VoIP is working as intended.

I think I’ve watched about 4 different TwitchRP streams where the streamer wonders whether the VOIP quality could be improved. They’re glad that the VOIP is more stable now, though.

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Yeah, it really needs to be improved. Everyone sounds like they’re talking on an old timey phone still. Like the proximity voip though.

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