Crom PvP Tournament Team Member Classified Thread

I’m starting this thread in anticipation of the upcoming Crom PVP Shard Shower Open tournament next season (whenever that is) for people who want to form a team or join a team looking for players.
If you are looking for a team to join or members to join your team just post it here.
I will start.

For this tournament, due to lack of getting to actually play more than twice on the last one…
I am going to captain a team of try hard pvpers who wish to fly under my banner and reap the rewards and the glory!
I am in need of a few good men or women.
Contact me via PM here or in game on Crom under the same name I use here.
There will be tryouts and a short interview (if I don’t already know you) and all will be considered who show interest except blatant cheaters of course. You know what you can do with yourself.

There will be practice sessions!

Discord is a must. If selected you will be given access to our super top secret discord server! :nerd_face:
You should probably be over 18 or have parental permission to be lambasted with gratuitous profanity on occasion. Or just lie and say you’re 18… What do I care?

This offer is open to all from any guild and you do not have to leave your guild to participate but your guild may kick you out for participating… I take no responsibility for it.

Most matches will be on weekends and will be scheduled and communicated well in advance!!

Will update this listing as time goes on.

Team name : "Rektem Raiders"™
Classes wanted: All
PvP Minimum level required: PvP 6 and up
Number of open slots: Unknown (Max number of party members TBD by @Mystygga)
Date of tournament kickoff: Unknown


My ■■■■■■ is going to get raided. I wonder if any loot will drop

News flash: Satetka has promised anyone who joins my team a sogoth of their own provided we win the tournament. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today! Let’s represent empire of stygia! And get your free sogoth*!!!

Lerchee can verify said incentives. Also i am ready to fight beside the spreadman for the EMPIRE if he wants me!

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That part is stopping me.


Empire of Stygia isnt about winning its about showing up and having fun. Let’s just have fun…do our best. Who is gonna beat nightwatch ivory tower? Lol…not eos that’s for damn sure.

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Not with that attitude


Make it a level playing feild and I can think think of at least 3 teams

That’s the goal. As far as my aspirations I will hope to win the lower tier with my team.