How pvp works on server crom?


Hi all,

I’m had reading a lot of how cool is the pvp on the saga server, but i focused all my time in my character in the crom server. I guest that all zone far of Tortage was pvp but my surprise was not so. Maybe sounds a little quarrelsome for a lvl 20 player, but I just want to find some similar level player for have some good fights but in crom is all too quitely. In Old Tarantia I find a PVP and stay there a lot of time but I just don’t see anybody more there. I Just wander how exactly the PVP works on crom server.

Thanks for advance.



PvP in Crom only happens in the form of minigames, duels in the Pit Master’s Arena and the PvP event, which starts tonight and lasts a week. All of these only happen at level 80, although, if you are lucky, you might find lowbies in the event.


The Border Regions are also Open Pvp area’s and some of the guilds in the past have put on Pvp events there so that’s a possibility for you to get some low level friends together and go out there to play.

Also each year during the Halloween event in Khemi it ends with a Pvp fight, so if a bunch of you went in together (solo) you’d come out into the same Pvp area and could fight around Khemi.


Thanks for your answers. Recently I get to the bordelines, nice places. Seems to be that there the PVP is permanent. For now I just find two lvl 80 players who gave me a painful (and totally abusive) beating :’( . Anyway is a cool place to visit wirh another players with similar level to a have a duel. Thanks to funcom for include this zones in the crom server =)


Also, during 1 week per month, the festival of bloodshed is active in 1 of the 3 border kingdoms.