PVP Minigames permanently empty?

Hello together. After a long time i am playing again (5years). After I logged in again I had to find out that the PVP minigames are permanently empty. I’m at Fury PVP Level 5. How can I still get PVP Exp?

check out https://pvplevelup.com/


Minis are crom only now

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its kind of ironic that i have to transfer my char from a pvp server to a pve to play pvp

A case of going where the people are.

you wont really get any pvp until you hit level 80 unfortunately. There is plenty of pvp on fury but it’s almost exclusively through the pvplevelup app. On crom minigames pop through most of the day

This is actually the only good pvp at this moment if you are interested in competitive pvp. Definitely worth giving a try if you like pvp.

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You know, i regret not starting at Fury. Learning a class completely from low level open world pvp all the way up. It’s the most effective way.

You won’t regret it using the app on Fury and maybe one day you can transfer to Crom.

The way things are on Crom, you have to endlessly grind for AAs level them up a rank or so everytime one step further ‘‘because it’s practical to leave room for error’’ with a new class perhaps so you can correct them and rely on PvP event mostly to get up and since there isn’t much PvP, getting some potions or even the T3 set, you’ll get mainly by doing FoS quests and Bori with groups.

Crom also doesn’t have the quality PvP you might expect compared to those days back before, especially minigames can end up unbalanced, out of 10 minigames if the 3 are a victory you are really lucky and you’ll see much OP PvE gear used there as well along with RF rings etc so nothing works, as it was intended to work. It’s like everything is against you.

I believe once you get everything up then, since you are a Veteran, only then you will enjoy PvP on Crom. Alot actually.

(For Crom server, PvP event is your best bet for Gearing up, at US hours you will find some organized fighting going on as well. Minigame Path of the Vanquisher is also a way but they are more active during EU peak time).

I am 80 (5) I want the lvl 6 PVP Armor. So i need the trophys also so open pvp isn t the first choice.