Is PVP still alive?

Feeling nostalgic I recently returned to the game only to realise that on Crom (my characters are there) there is no PVP activity at all. Is Fury still alive? at least have minigames happening. If so I ll transfer a character there

You won’t be able to transfer any character, something broke about a year ago and no one at funcom cares enough to fix it.

There’s also no minigames on fury.

Fury uses a fight matching app to set up pvp now and I think it’s only during the last week of the month Pvp week that anything happens on Crom.

The pvp app is still there but has seen 0 activity of late as the developer has abandoned the project. Fury is a ghosttown where the two remaining guilds take turns pad farming each other. That’s about it.

To OP, pvp is dead in aoc. You’re too late to the party.

Or join one of these two guilds (USB or -Vendetta- to enjoy some world pvp. Still occuring (almost) daily for a couple hours/day.