Question about PvP on Crom vs Fury

I was reading about pvp for AoC.

There is active PvP for Fury server using the pvp app. This is where everyone picks from a pool of T1 equipment.

There is active PvP for Crom server set up in the game’s own PvP minigame queue system. This is where everyone gets to pick their gear from their entire grinding experience.

My question is this: Is all the PvP in the Fury server ranked using MMR/ELO ranking system? This means you only get toplay against players with similar kill/death etc ratios are yourself - so you will never play against a player unless his stats are the same?

Then the pvp in Crom server is not ranked. And you get put into pvp mingames just by grouping of equally numbered teams?

Is all of the above correct?

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To put shortly, it does not matter what kind mmr or elo system there is in this game, or in the app. You will always be put against same players, good or bad, similar to you or not. This game heavily lacks population to make any mmr system work properly.

I suggest to have toons on both servers as that is the only logical way to play the game currently. The app is not always active, but neither are minis on crom. And app is the only thing that does run on fury, so if there is anything else you want to do crom is only choice.

And minis in this game are as bad as you can imagine, basically you cannot sign with a friend, healer might not exist in team “A”, but team “B” can have two of them.
There is always chance for a good game, but usually pretty one sided. So app on fury is the best thing atm you can get for “balance”.

I believe Delred covered absolutely everything.

For the best possible experience, statwise with any class the following will help you and make it possible for you to PvP against tougher opponents:

  • Wards get it over 3 ranks (If you get one shotted there is no learning experience at all).

  • Snare resistance 5 ranks (If you wont be able to move, you will not be able to PvP effectively)
    I only managed after i got the first perk at 3 ranks and once the second was at 2 ranks it made a difference. That step has to be covered in order to get used to the mechanics.

The rest is just experience/ skill and extra stats but without the forementioned, i will lie if i say it is possible to have a worthy PvP experience, unless you fight opponents of similar range.

You can try out for yourself and confirm it.
Even older players who leveled before the population became lower, i recommend it to them as well, to roll a new character and try it out. Seriously.

  • Don’t overdo it though with AAs, always leave some room for error, otherwise if you don’t see it, you wont correct it. So go, step by step. I only level them once upon a time, after i feel i improved, distributing points first everything 2 ranks then everything 3.
    (But that is just my opinion).

I recommend Fury PvP matchmaking application as well before it’s too late and you get settled on Crom. At least for the first levels till you gear up etc.
Or you can make a character in both servers.

this is such a fun game… it’s hard to imagine the population is lower-- but i guess there are just so many competitive fun mmos out there. Conan is a gr8 universe.

Do the forum mods allow the discussion of other games in forums?