CTD when changing Thrall Armor

Game mode: Co-op
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvP
Mods?: Yes:

Bug Description:

Sometimes when changing gear on a thrall, replacing/removing/adding the game will hard crash to desktop with a report error popup.

Expected Behavior:

The game to not crash to desktop

Installed Mods:

Attribute +1; Less Building Placement Restrictions; Perm Paint; Fasionist; 75% more women

Steps to Reproduce:

It’s somewhat random although since the update it’s been more common.
Basically just mess with thrall armor until it crashes, it only happens when taking, removing, or switching armor, but not every time. This used to happen with player armor but since creating a new playthrough it’s only been the thralls so far.

Hi @Zantalar and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Is this issue also occurring when running the game with no mods? This might be caused by one of the installed mods.

I’m unsure about recently but when I first got this game a few years back I had the same issue and back then I didn’t use mods. It seems like the issue is hit and miss, it only occurs when changing armor, but it happens purely randomly. Basically any armor swap is a dice roll for a CTD.

I have had this happen to me multiple times over the years with my testing (no mods), however only in single-player. I have never had this type of crash on any of the servers I am playing. Having said that, I have not had it in a while :woman_shrugging:

Nearly never occurs to me, with or without any mods used.

But i don’t all the mentioned mods, like Attribut +1, Perm Paint, and 75% more women. But of course often use Less Building Placement Restrictions.

Would make some trials in SP with and without the particular mods to see what happens.

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