Changing armor causing crash

Game mode: [ Single-player | Co-op) | Very Rarely on Online private]
Type of issue: [ Crash]
Server type: [ Any ]
Region: [ Irrelevant ]
Hardware: [ Base with upgraded HDD ]

Bug Desription:

Changing gear/armor after a bit of playing causes crash. (this has been happening on and off for the last year)

Expected Behavior:

To change armor and not crash

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Change armor on either self or thrall.

  2. Bluescreen.

Same issue on xb1 s single player. Inventory management possibly sucking up too much memory temporarily and causing a ctd

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When it happens my inventory is very bare, would it still be an inventory memory issue?

I’d say so, same scenario (empty inventory), still ctd when retrieving armour from a new thrall. Tested on Singleplayer XB1 S and XB Series X

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Thank you. Does it also happen changing your own gear? In my inventory I had 2 amrmor sets(One equiped, on in storage), 2 weapons, water skin, and some food.

Nope. Not with my own armour, ctd only seems to affect new thralls when I try removing an armour set that’s been either spawned in or taken from a thrall that’s been cut from my roster and given to the new thrall. It’s not a 100% crash rate either. Some days it won’t crash at all, even after a 10 hour play session. Other days, it’ll crash withing 2 minutes of firing up the game and trying to remove gear from the new thrall.

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Yeah, my biggest issue is crashing when changing my own armor

Been issue for sometime, reported it myself a few times.

I find clicking changing armor, or trying to do so when stuff is going on, or near alot of stuff, it’ll happen.

Or Changing one item, realizing I need other item equipped and quick swapping causes the Crash. (which I’ve done at start of game by swaping to sandels (one had more durability) causing crash before I even got hour into game. XD

Short term fix, is slowing down with armor swaps, Letting game load in item when you swap it. I’ve cut my crashes down to almost nothing.

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