Game crashes in a semi random manner upon equip/unequip armors

i am new to the game [started playing since last january] …

i have no idea why it happens but this was happening since i started playing the game in jan.

so…over the past months i tried everything i could think of… i tried changing graphics quality to lower, and messed around with the default engine.ini, but nothing helped.

NOTE :even from my limited experience, i can say this crash is most likely related to body physics.

i hope you can fix this annoying crash already, as it kills the game for me ) :

and no-- i don’t use any mods.

Do you play single player and how often do these crashes happen for you?

yes, single player only.

These crashes happen too darn often, i have a phobia of changing armors in the game now… ) : [i think the chance of crash increases if i change armor pieces while inside my big house which i built, but i am not sure.]

I have experienced these crashes when trying to drag a piece an armor to its slot and I only had these issues when playing around in single player which is why I asked. I don’t have these crashes on a dedicated server. I know it is not helpful for you but I wanted to point out for the devs that it might be a single player issue.

Make sure you hit the “send to Funcom” button when it comes up. That’s actually one of the tools they use to help analyze crash reports. Not helpful if you are using mods, but since you aren’t, should help them identify the issue a bit.

this is my 2nd post about this to notify the developers.

those crashes are more frequent on SINGLE PLAYER, and specialy while having thralls around.

changing armor pieces on inventory risk the game to crash very easily, specially if changing “many” pieces at one run.

my specs are win 10, nvidia 1080, i7 7700. please fix this problem, and ask if need any further information !

Any mods installed?
If yes, test first without mods.
I had a similar problem caused by a mod.

not even a single mod. i think changing the armors “Too many” times make it more vulnerable to crash, specially in crowded area with thralls.

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