Cult of the Otter [PvE, US East, Small}]

Newly started hosted (host havoc, 40 slot) server (day old at this time actually), looking to add a few people to play with us. There are 3 of us, came over from Ark, and not looking to add a ton of people, just a couple other tribes to liven the place up a bit. We have a discord for the server, and your tribe will be given your own channel if you so choose. We are a crude, but funny bunch, but still have some guidelines. No blatant racism, griefing, begging for handouts, building within eyeshot of another tribe, etc. As of this time, we arent running mods, we will be adding them if some come out that fit our needs or the needs of the server pop, but for now we’re content with vanilla. We are running the .ini a bit different than standard as well:

3x exp gained
0.5 water/food drain
5x harvest amount
No purge
Drop loot on death turned OFF
Partial nudity
Camps ignore land claim

Please feel free to respond here or message me if you have any questions or want to join!

Will you be wiping the server this morning for the final patch? My husband and I are also ARK players that came over to the Conan side and are looking for a server now that the final release is coming out. I will most likely be joining a server this morning and he will be joining me when he is home from work and your server sounds PERFECT!

Well we will not be wiping the server, mostly because theres no need. We just go our base started and we only started playing the other night, so there is literally only like our 2 building built lol. SO it is still a fresh map for all intents and purposes! :slight_smile:

Still adding people, and sorry, will not just list the IP. I want to talk and approve all additions instead of just letting the server fill up like crazy.

Not to sound like a d-bag but if you just started the server yesterday i highly recommend wiping the server and setting it up under the new 1.0 update, there are things you are not getting by not doing so and I very much doubt many people are going to join something not on current content.

If i updated all the server files, what am i missing? I have all the new zones, everything?

Yeah did a quick google and private servers do not have to be wiped in order to play the new content. Have personally tested all day and I have not found anything that can not be done. Have gone to both the volcano and the jungle, no issues crossing over at all.

Looking to join a US PVE server that will stay relatively small. This server sounds like a good fit.

Still have room for about 3-4 more tribes, if interested, PM me or respond here.

Still looking for a few more.

Sounds fun, I’m new to the game and looking for some cool people to adventure with.

Sounds great! I sent ya a PM.

I’d be interested in joining as well. Played for a few hours last night but would love to play with a tight group of people.

Sounds good! Just shoot me your steam profile, and ill add ya!

Still some space left! And to clarify this is an empire building type server. You can build all you want, or join someone who is a builder and help them out. We dont plan on ever doing PvE though at this time. Thanks!

Still lookin to get another one or two tribes on here. We also have a couple people that are looking to add to their tribe as well.

I am interested in taking a look. I’ve only played a few hours on one other server. Good server but no one ever chats and it has no discord page. I’ve offered a channel on my Discord only to be ignored, so I am alone and wanting to learn the game with other new players. I am also on US East.

Yeah man, shoot me a PM with your steam link and ill shoot ya an invite!