Current player population?

Does anyone know what the highest player population has been recently? 50?

There has been nearly four times that amount of players on the Steam client alone within the last 24 hours, and those players only represent a portion of the total player base.

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Although my AH has been sloooow, which usually means it’s a slow time, I’ve been seeing a lot of people in Agartha everyday. School just started, so that could be the reason the population is lower right now. Give people some time to drop out of classes, and we’ll get some back.

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For what it’s worth:

I’ve been playing SWL since about last October (I bought TSW about a year after it came out and played it for a while, but nothing like SWL).

Around about Blue Mountain in my progression, I wondered how many people were in the game, so I figured out a simple check. When I meet another PC, I check if I am friends. If not, I make friends.

I currently have just under 2200 friends.

I occasionally do Ctrl-F to check on the online population (of the ones I’ve made friends with of course). From what I remember, I have occasionally seen over 200 online during the Anniversary event. The number online though generally varies from a low of about 60 to a high of around 140.


Thanks Good data

Further data: every time I go to Agartha, I still find new characters to make friends with. So I have not nearly exhausted the set of people I am not yet friends with :smile:


As of today friend total = 2815.

I noticed that a lot more characters were new to me when I participated in the Jack raid than with either of the anniversary raids (golem/Gatekeeper).

I think the raid rebalance has brought a number of people back.


…Btw do you realize some of them may be alts? Though also quite a bit of people may totally ignore events.

Oh probably there are alts.

For that matter, if someone unfriends me I probably wouldn’t notice and if I met them again, I would likely try to friend them again.

It’s a rough tool for estimating order-of-magnitude. I don’t expect it to be anywhere close to exact.

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The friends list is a completely one-sided thing. It doesn’t require consent from the other party to add someone to your friends list. And it’s character-based rather than account-based, too.


The one-sided part makes it better for this purpose (counting unique characters I have encountered) than a requirement for acceptance. To not count, the other player would have to take action, i.e. explicitly unfriend.

I have been wondering about characters vs. accounts.

My experience with MMOs is not extensive (seven, or eight counting TSW and SWL separately), but I’ve played in only one other one that only allows one character without paying extra.

Are there really many players who pay the extra money to play through again? And of those, do they pay for many characters, or usually just one?

I don’t know. Short of working for Funcom, I can’t think of a way to find out.

Yes but they can’t do this because your friends list is literally just a list of names saved with your character, the people you add to it don’t have any say in the matter :v:

Numbers, actually. Character IDs to be exact. That’s why when someone changes their character name, your friends list shows the new name.


Slow down there Bill Gates, we didn’t come here for a computer science class :v:

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I mean, I’d definitely explicitly unfriend all random weird folks I don’t know. And at times when my paranoia is at highest I find creepy people closing to my character and then running away. And sad I can’t check if anyone added any of my characters for whatever reason. :expressionless:

The thing with alts in SWL is that if you play a lot, price for new character isn’t that high, though depends on individuals. And that most old players have 3 slots by default. Like, those old players who cared to press button when they were said to, which is still quite a lot of people. Then, new account is free if you want to just replay things and dont care about transferring anything and those few things that are account wide. :woman_shrugging: That all makes it tricky to count actual players.

True. The only solid thing I can see; based on how long someone stays showing as online after logging off, even with switching to alts @tyrfing666 's count of online players is likely to be (at worst) within 50% of correct for his total friends count.

The actual number online is probable to at least be higher than that 50% adjusted online count.

It is impossible to be certain of how close the count of actual active players comes to Tyr’s count of friends, but actual is likely to be higher. As dilligent as you can be, you can’t friend everyone :slight_smile:

Particularly without being creepy :slight_smile:

I came up with this because I was curious about just how many different characters I was meeting. I would encounter other PCs often enough that I was wondering if I just kept meeting the same people over and over, or whether these really were different.

I work in IT and (while I’ve never seen this) I have read some interesting interview questions, e.g. “How would you go about estimating the number of feet of 2x4 lumber used per year in New York City?” The question is supposedly meant to show how you go about solving a problem where you don’t have any experience in the domain.

This is a roundabout way of saying that I place about as much faith in the accuracy of my little experiment as I would in the estimate of someone I asked that question in an interview.

If that makes any sense…

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