Current player population?

Does anyone know what the highest player population has been recently? 50?

There has been nearly four times that amount of players on the Steam client alone within the last 24 hours, and those players only represent a portion of the total player base.

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Although my AH has been sloooow, which usually means it’s a slow time, I’ve been seeing a lot of people in Agartha everyday. School just started, so that could be the reason the population is lower right now. Give people some time to drop out of classes, and we’ll get some back.

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For what it’s worth:

I’ve been playing SWL since about last October (I bought TSW about a year after it came out and played it for a while, but nothing like SWL).

Around about Blue Mountain in my progression, I wondered how many people were in the game, so I figured out a simple check. When I meet another PC, I check if I am friends. If not, I make friends.

I currently have just under 2200 friends.

I occasionally do Ctrl-F to check on the online population (of the ones I’ve made friends with of course). From what I remember, I have occasionally seen over 200 online during the Anniversary event. The number online though generally varies from a low of about 60 to a high of around 140.


Thanks Good data

Further data: every time I go to Agartha, I still find new characters to make friends with. So I have not nearly exhausted the set of people I am not yet friends with :smile: