How many players still play this?

Hey guys I used to play AOC back in 2010 and I really liked it, I want to return to it but I’m not sure how many people play it? Thousands? Ten thousands or only a few hundred?

few hundred

If there’s more than 1,000 “active” players, I’d be very surprised. And I’m using “active” a bit loosely too.

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And most on EU times

Last time I checked activity via Steam, it was around 100 online per day, peaked around 130.

Most people do not play through steam thou

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Yeah, pre-steam here.

I have the “feeling” based on just looking about, that it’s high 100’s weekdays and low/middle thousands on weekends, on Crom.

On Fury, it’s like a few hundred, at best, all the time.

Fury has at maximum 50 players on. On weekends.

I would say maybe 500 different people peak per day. Maybe even less. Game is pretty dead. I didnt play it for over 3 years. As I came back, most of the players I knew from 2014-2016 told me that raid finder killed most of the content. I see people running and spamming raid finder and minis all day every day in global. And then there are these poor souls which need 30 minutes or sometimes even longer to form a Monastery/Palace run (the most simple Khitai dungeons).

Funcom will need to change something about this and nerf down raid finder or make the UC and Khitai dungeons more attractive for people to learn and run it or the game will be Age of Raidfinder. And this will kill the game pretty fast.

It’s too late, the damage from raid finder is already done over the last few years.


Overall I’d guess a few thousand people are playing on a regular basis, but obviously not all of them will be online at the same time.

At peak times (mondays for RF, weekends for real raids) probably around 300 - 400 (maybe even 500 in very rare cases) but not much more than that. Between that it sometimes feels like there are not even 100 people online to be honest. A single group can sometimes have problems finding people in global.

If you want to have much going on join one of the few very big guilds, anything besides that can feel very lonely and empty since global activity isn’t what it was a few years ago (I don’t have a guild so I know what I am talking about :smile: )

I would say, try it now or never, population wont get any better, probably only worse than it is now.

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Given that the achievement leader boards have a top one hundred listed for each class, that makes 1,200 players at least who do some content regularly. Not to mention the casual players who don’t do dungeons/raids and are just levelling or rp.

So maybe 2-3k daily logs which might only be a few hundred online at any one time.

Doesn’t sound a lot would be fine if the game wasn’t restricted by the horrible Raidfinder, and to a lesser extent, the World Boss, which kills pve group play at lower tiers. Making the game feel deader than it really is.

1,200 characters on leaderboard does not equal 1,200 players. Many on the board are alts.


I consider myself the most informed person to answer this question other then funcom.

During the sagas i personally counted at peak over 1000 online at one point.

Average post saga numbers are down to a couple hundred at peak and maybe half that during NA timezones down to 30 40 in the late late nights.

But here is the thing I feel only I can answer and no one will believe me. I believe in the past few months I’ve seen 5000 individuals still playing off and on.

No one will believe you because 1. You do not know as many players as you think you do: and 2. You never understood that your “counting method” does not gice correct results because the tool you are using was never showing all characters. There were others befor you who found that out long ago - but as we know facts do nothing to you, so…go on counting.
Saga of Zath had way over 1000 characters online at peak.


It’s a bit misleading to use the Saga servers as a gauge of the game’s population, we are talking the current playerbase on Crom/Fury, not a gimmick Saga server.

I disagree with your algorithm for deducing the true population on Age of Conan: Unchained.

Here is why:

  • I have 3 characters on the Leaderboard, and expect others have more.

  • Dividing 1,200 by 3, equals only 400 “players at least who do some content regularly.”

  • Today, I’ll create a new character, and upon arriving at the gate to Tortage - lv.6 - I’ll be on the AA list with 5 points, and that recalculation leaves only 300 “players at least who do some content regularly.”

1 yes I do because 5 times a day i check who is online for each class and level group. I’ve got over 500 days in game time.

  1. Actually it is you that dont understand. If you filter on class and levels you can get them all.

Saga zath did but I was reporting for both sagas and being conservative because as is it’s hard for people to wrap their heads around.
Blood was only a few months ago so it’s more relevant to pop now as opposed to a year ago