Revisit - player population - possible clue as to crash?

Current count is now 3735, so not too many new ones (although I have not been hanging out in Agartha much, so that may explain it).

In the old thread there was a comment about how one of the cabals had a membership large enough that you could not bring up the relevant screen since it would crash your client.

I have not had that problem when bringing up the Friends dialog. Although sorting by online/offline does crash it.

If the two dialogs are related, this could be a clue for the developers as to why this would cause a crash.

3735, half of those being Theck or Tarja alts :stuck_out_tongue:

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Possibly - I don’t see any way to track players as opposed to toons. Although at ~$10 per alt, that adds up.

Hmm. I’ve seen complaints about no aurum being available for trade. Maybe that’s where it went?

Tarja is the alt. lol