Pulling up Friends/Cabal List freezes game


Opening the friends/cabal list freezes the game sometimes and occasionally crashes the entire game. Has happened to me many times and the people I play with. Not a gamebreaking problem but an annoying one since I like to check who is online to play with


Opening Cabal list freeze game

Same things happening to me Can we please get this fixed Funcom? Its really anoying. I just returned to the game but if things continue like this not sure I will stay :frowning:


This was already mentioned elsewhere. Can’t remember if it was a forum post, a reddit post, or a comment in Discord.

My response is the same: Do you have Valkyrie’s friend mod installed? I do not have it and I have no problems at all. It’s possible it’s causing issues since it’s quite old and not updated for SWL.


Nope I dont have it instaled



How many friends/cabal/ignored people do you have?


No ignored. 2-3 friends and Cabal people


Opening the cabal interface with shift G and going to member list also seems to cause fps drop sometimes.
I’ve tried it with and without VFE, there are times when it’s fine with and without, and then there are times when it causes the fps drop, but I’ve not seen any kind of pattern. Relogging doesn’t seem to fix it either - if you relog with your friends list open then it will sometimes crash you straight from loading in.


Hi I have a problem whenever I open the cabal list game freeze so its imposible to play .


Does it make any difference if you open the cabal list in different zones, or does it freeze everywhere?


Tried in Agarta and tried in Kingsmouth, same thing. Sometimes just cause fps drop and sometimes just freeze the game and have to exit to windows and right click mouse close it.


I’ve never had this problem and I have about 40 friends, a cabal list almost 100 long, and about 50 ignored people.


I would very much prefer if Funcom fix this problem, since it rolled out with the december update, and it’s now february.

In fact it’s not just a mild annoyance, it’s absolutely P*****g me off. I literally cannot open the friends list and interact or be sociable, without crashing. Literally has just happened 6 times in a row; crashing from opening the friends list.

I mean, they have time to come out with a stupid patron bundle, which ignores their lifetime patrons… But they don’t have time to fix game-breaking bugs and annoying crash-inducing problems? Priorities are seriously skewed.