Custom Map Markers won't delete in Live

Platform: PC
Game mode: Singleplayer live
Version: 94750/17645
Problem: Custom map markers will not delete.

Repro steps:

  1. Right click on map anywhere
  2. Select any picture
  3. Named it test
  4. close map
  5. open map
  6. right click on icon named test
  7. click on the red slash - grey bar is shown
  8. click on delete
  9. Map marker will not delete

For me, when I right-click the custom map marker and bring up the edit box, it is acting as though I am trying to create a new map marker. It does not respond as though I am editing an existing map marker.

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I can’t edit the custom markers to change the text or icons either.

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Hopefully the devs are reading this. It is annoying bug that should be fixed.

I have the same problem with the map markers.

  1. Right-click and hold
  2. Left-click and hold
  3. Release right button
  4. Release left button – you will now have a grab on the map
  5. Alt-tab away, then back to CE
  6. You should be able to move your cursor to Delete

I take no credit, just a quick summary.