Customer service: animal pen decayed and destroyed in less than 24 hours

I would like to know if this is normal: I built an animal pen right outside my house in game. I have been using the pen for days and logging once a day at night. Yesterday my pen decayed in 15 hours, and became abandoned 3 hours later. I had 3 pets on it that I left growing overnight. Everything was lost before I could log into game. The pen was not in a foundation but it was close enough to the house. The last thing I did was take food out of the pen and bring it to the house to cook. What can I do to prevent this decay? And is it normal to decay and destroy itself in less than 18 hours?

Best thing you can do is build a repair hammer and look at what you place, the more items connected the longer the decay timer. But for starters, yes, put foundations down first.


Build a 8 by 8 block foundation and place the pen on it to get the max decay time to avoid this issue


At the very least, run a line of foundations out to to the animal pen to connect it by proximity to your base.

But placing items on foundations is always your best bet.


Iā€™m just going to leave this here for those who are interested.

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Animal pens are odd like that, but it is always best to have foundations placed down first then place down the pen


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