Cutlass chage request

Can we please make the cutlass an agility weapon class with a starmetal tier being a rapier?

I would like to have slashing light attacks, lunge heavy attacks and parry block as a special attack.

The heavy attack has the same damage as the light attack but offers reach bonus.


How can you understand that @Harperson has visited a topic?
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Now i want to support this idea @erjoh but enlighten me more, why cutlass? Does it has something special and different from the other swords? I used cutlass in the past, especially in only looting sessions but i didn’t noticed something special. Did i miss something?


Cutlass is ideal for the this because of the functionality of it as a short sword but with slashing. Basically the cutlass, itself, is an ideal agility weapon that utilizes many fencing techniques. You can use saber but also since it’s a ‘pirate’ can very easily switch to a pokey weapon. Regardless of all of that, they were incredibly light in comparison to other swords. Relying on finesse and speed over brute brawn.

Now that we have agility weapons, it fits more with this than the strength weapon and to top all of that off, agility needs more weapons so that there are better option for that type of build.


Thanks for the explanation, i am all in. Yet we have 2 cutlass, the normal and the sea salt cutlass.
We could have the one to be for strength and the other for agility, if it’s not already. But none of them are craft able is it?

I love it. Find the strength one, make the agility one. Give them both endgame option’s as well and we are off to the races.

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Tbh, i really need a craft able sword in agilty. I spend a lot of time with tulwar the last month.

(psssst) Katana, short swords.

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I like the charge attack of sword. The short sword has the same at the first hit but the combo that follows is just for 1v1. Then katana is really powerful but to be played as tank. I hate spamming lights. The first heavy of katana staggers almost everything allowing you to continue the powerful heavy combo katana has. Don’t get me wrong i love these weapons, but agility craft able sword is not a bad idea.

While this one would like the diversity in equipment and the reasonablity that the pirates (crap STR, hyper focus AGI) would have as a favourite weapon an agility weapon…

This one has trepidation about requesting the addition of any new weapon categories.

Lest they follow the trend of Punch Knives/Claws and not be full developed.

Honestly, this one would rather see more weapons migrated into the Shortsword or Katana category.

But if we do want to go with a Sabre line of weapons…
Let’s add a shamshir/scimitar (single handed version of the whirlwind blade) to the list, migrate the Khophesh over (or into the Axe category if we want historically accurate ones, but that’s a different worm can and it’s made of bronze) put the Tulwar of Amir Agility one handed sword in while we are at it.

Also, swiss sabre or gross messer style skin for katanas when? Or at least something like the sword from Beast Master.

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