D.O.T. Suggestion and Trees

I would like to suggest Holy D.O.T. ( damage over time) as a random attribute to a legendary weapon. What might this Holy damage be good against, you ask? It will be used against undead armies. Kind of like poison just a different aspect. This would be a great addition! If you guys do add this to the game I recommend the first sword being named the “Crusader Sword.”

Also, I like trees and when you build the trees despawn. Is there any way you could add a few trees that grow from grow plots? I am one of those who love to build and have a nice base. These two things would make me sooo happy.

You guys are doing a great job, keep up the effort. We are all enjoying a game you developed and you should be proud of that. Also if you could fix thralls. Mine doesn’t know to help me half the time. Either they help or sit there watch you get your butt kicked.


If you’re in singleplayer or running a private server, you can actually do this yourself by dialing down the land claim radius in your server settings. I think in singleplayer you can only change it when you start a new game with custom settings, though.

I always keep mine cranked down as far as it’ll go because I like having trees outside my window.

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Something like this already exists. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to make weapons with a similar effect, but permanent. Like Venom-infused weapons, but with Specter coating.

check this forum, theres a lot about it 8]

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