Dagon dungeon sandstorm

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Problem. Sandstorm in dragons dungeon
Xbox 1

[Free text] I was in dragons dungeon in the water when I saw the black streaks while swimming but i see those in other dungeons but nothing ever happened thought at first I thought it was fine then the came in map wide and killed me I mean I was in jungle and that made no since is this intentional or a bug sorry autocorrect keeps saying dragons when I put s on Dagon

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I suspect it has to do with where on the map they’ve actually placed the dungeon (i.e.: you enter it from the jungle, the but actual placement of the dungeon is likely somewhere around M2 on the map. I don’t think it’s in the western part (around C2/C3) because that’s where the Dregs dungeon is.

Hello @Gloatingtomb6, thank you for getting in touch!

Could you please elaborate on where you where when the sandstorm started damaging you and eventually got you killed? Were you within one of the Dagon dungeon rooms?

Slightly off topic the scorpion queen cave I died to a sandstorm.

I think he was in the water after the initial jump before the rooms, near the boat

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I war just swimming in water but the sand came in i was seeing sand so i swam to top and the it got heavy and i started taking damage so i tried to swim down to no effect but i was in middle of the water near all the rooms but it also happen in dregs but since i was in shelter im going to assume that y it did not hurt me

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