While in Dagon there are Sandstorms WHY?

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[In the sunken city and taking Sandstorm damage]

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1.Go to Dagon
2. Start fighting
3.Sandstorm activates
4.You take damage! Surely there should not be sandstorm damage or even a sandstorm in Dagon

  1. Your under water
  2. Your still in the Jungle Region which don’t get a Sandstorm.

the dungeon is located in the desert beyond the green wall. funcom is aware of the issue but cant imagine it being a priority. thanks for taking the time to report it though.


One of lifes little mysteries!

but as narelle points out, its known. One of those carry sandmask on you, “don’t leave home with out it!” deal. =3

Hello @Rayzur, thank you for getting in touch!

Our team is already aware of this issue and is looking into it, apologies for the inconvenience.

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It’s in the South where sandstorms happen. I hadn’t thought of the sandstorm affecting Dagon being an fault - unless it causes injury whilst underwater. Perhaps that’s it?

Really? I always thought the dungeon location was the same as our mark on the map, mine shows on the docks area.

It’s been awhile, but does Funcom even remember that the sandstorm is in the wrong place?

It used to be that the desert area was a desert because the sandstorm constantly sweeps though it.
Now the sandstorm sweeps through the lush plentiful newbie river, and the desert has clear blue skies all the time. Weird.

I think they shifted it slightly farther south because it was going into the jungle.

I guess it is really hard to aim it perfectly, or maybe the desert path is too narrow for it to fit no matter where they aim it.

But is the sandstorm going into the jungle worse than having it go through the starter area? As it is now, it sweeps through the starter desert. You can log into the game for the first time and get killed by a sandstorm that there is no shelter from.

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