Sandstorm not damaging

Hey guys
So on recent solo/offline game sessions I’ve had I noticed that the sandstorm doesn’t do any damage or show the icon effect ‘sandstorm’, its just visual and audio effects, on all ocassions I was abit bellow the middle of the desert map, only using basic clothing and without any shelter. Even tho I stayed the whole time right in the middle of it (not taking damage) I didn’t get the journey step, couldn’t test with the sandstorm mask yet but I doubt it will change it, its only annoying because of the step really…

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They moved the sandstorm last patch. It’s farther south, and the desert area is free of sandstorms now. The visual effects are still there to a degree though.

Not only that, but some of us aren’t even seeing a sandstorm since the big patch. I’ve only seen one since then, and it was well south of where it should have been.

Makes the particular journey step related to it a bit difficult to complete.

I got one yesterday near the sink hole. Came up as a sandstorm with all effects active. Haven’t been further north than that for a while tho.

Please don’t fix

Hey there,

Our team is aware of some issues and inconsistencies regarding sandstorms and they’re looking into them.
Thanks for the heads-up.


Can’t post pics or url, I was around the dafari area, between the Summoning Place and the noob river, can someone pinpoint where’s the sandstorm area now? By ‘south of the desert’ you guys mean at the exile camps? Gonna try to stay around the sinkhole and see if it damages it. Thanks for all the replys!

It’s moved far enough south that there are reports of it hitting the starting area where new characters spawn in. Quite a nasty surprise for newbies if they have some bad timing.

There’s also reports of it vanishing a lot sooner than it should. And by vanish, I don’t mean fade out. I mean instant clear skies like someone turned on a light switch.

And like I mentioned before, some of us aren’t even seeing it at all. I’ve only gotten the one since the patch and I was way up north on the cliff that borders the highlands at the time. I was able to watch it move across the desert and I could tell there was something wonky about it. It was way further south than it normally appears from that position and it vanished around when it hit The Sinkhole, though that’s just an estimation based on what I could see from my vantage point. I couldn’t tell ya if the sandstorm effect and the sandstorm visual are out of sync because I wasn’t in it when it was active.

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