Test-Live Solo-Player - No Sandstorms after the 1st one

Only one sandstorm has hit in my Test-Live Solo-Player game. It hit just prior to getting a sandstorm mask.

I am playing the way a new player would play by only completing Journey Tasks that actually display so my character is level 40.

I checked the settings and Sandstorm is enabled.

I am wondering if any one else has had this issue.

A friend reported also invisible sandstorms to me, also remember that i saw other post about that.

Never had this issue myself yet, ever in singleplayer. And i have a char also around your level side. Must be an other random bug.

This also happened to me on one of the test-live servers. I cannot remember which one. There was a sandstorm when the character was low level and the next one did not hit until I was level 55 or so.

EDIT: A second sandstorm finally hit.

So I get them pretty regularly, when in regions that support them. In areas where two regions blend together, like starter oasis/river and jungle, you see the dark streaks in the air, but never a full sandstorm.

You have been playing a long time, so I’m sure this wasn’t your situation, but I thought I’d mention it for possible new players that may not be aware.

I agree, but this is more in adjacent regions, not really touched itself by the sandstorm. I experiment this on the north mostly, when i’m just on the limit, the long the cliffs, or bit after depending.

I’m less in the swungle so long, so can’t tell to much. But i think mostly about that as a feature, you see what’s going on on the nearby region, but are not really touched.

What OP is describing here is a new bug that some players are experimenting right now. Some in singleplayer, some on servers. Why, no clue, like said i wasn’t touched myself, but have read and listen to different report the last time. So these are two different aspects.

Playing as a new player would, I have only traveled along the southern river from The Dregs to Lookout Point and as far North to get the Unnamed City, Tower of Bats, Summoning Place, The Sinkhole, The Black Galleon, The Hand of the Maker. This area is prime Sandstorm area. I have two small bases (Shatter Bridge area and near the Ostrich Farm below Dustdevil Ridge).

prime sandstorm real-estate right there :slight_smile: If I get time soon, I’ll jump in on single play, go park on a sand dune that is free of critters, wear no sand mask and wait for the skin to be ripped off my face.

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