Sandstorms in the underwater ruins in the dungeon of dagon

**Game mode:Online official
**Type of issue: Bug
**Server type PvP
**Region: USA

While I was doing the dungeon of Dagon, a sandstorm hit, and despite being in the dungeon, and in an underwater ruin I was still killed via the sandstorm, I didn’t think I’d need the sandstorm mask in this dungeon so I left it at home.

As did I, long ago. As you pass through the portal and go to the dungeon, your location is actually west of Sepermeru although you cannot see that on the map. The sandstorm starts in that area, travels east and turns south a bit past the Unnamed City.

It’s a known issue and may be in the dev’s queue, but involves a rework of the sandstorm path, movement of the dungeon or a specific exclusion for the setting.

Odd, but we also can experience sandstorm damage underwater in other locations, so not unheard of.

But then, that’s only a description of the issue and not any form of excuse. I now carry a sandstorm mask with me at all times.



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Hey @TheCyberchill

As @Jim1 pointed out, this is an issue we’re aware of and our team is working on a fix for this at the moment, which should go out as a part of the next patch or two.
Apologies for the frustration and thanks for the feedback.


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