Really Funcom....Really Sandstorms Underwater?

Game mode: Online official Server 1737
Type of issue: Bug
Server type:PvE
Region North America

***Sand Storm In the Under Water City??? hahahahaha Really Funcom…Really

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
4.And You Will See Whats Happening Funcom…Really

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it is due to the fact that the underwater city is actually a dungeon under the desert :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah they are aware of it

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It’s not just the underwater city. Underwater is no safer than on land anywhere.

I tried to duck underwater too! After I respawned, my first thought was that it’s a game, get to know it.

There are places that will protect you, some nooks and crannies that you can hardly fit into.

OFC, you know that since you are wearing the sandstorm mask anyway and got to that level somehow.

Enjoy it, I do. It does not seem to be a bug, but designed in to give you something to avoid.



Actually, I was just informed by a very knowledgeable person (on another media) that this may be a bug, so the above may not apply.

The sandstorm was moved in a recent patch and has been a bit funky lately. Currently it starts left of A6/7 and cuts a wide swath centering over the unnamed city, turning south and exiting somewhere around F1. That’s why the desert doesn’t feel right. We get sandstorm indicators, but no storm or damage.

‘Rumor’ has it that the actual dungeon is left of the visible map around the start area of the sandstorm. So why would there be a sandstorm there?

I can understand the water thing, that’s just a part of the game since there is so much water on the south end, who needs a sandstorm mask?

But, off the map? That’s off the wall, guys.

So two things may need to happen.
Correct the sandstorm path, give use the opportunity to die in the appropriate place.
If that does not clear the Underwater City, then move the start area to the right. Can’t go there anyway because of the fence. Keep the graphics, they really look cool, but eliminate the danger of sandstorms in the Underwater City.

Apologies to the OP, but your post made it easy to dismiss what could be reality.



Did the guy actually get the answer to his question?
When reading all this thread im still confused.
I am thinking that the most important question is this:

  • Is it intended that we get damaged by a sandstorm when it rages above me and i am under water in a river or lake anywhere on the map? Is it a bug or is it not, can it eventuallt get fixed or not?
    And we are not discussing how we get around this issue, cause there are ofc many ways.

Maybe its the same as with water inside bases when raining, seems like its difficult in the current unreal engine to have several layers of this, i dunno.

you did get a reply, yes. it was marked as solution. funcom are aware of the issue and it is due to the reason stated above. it will be fixed, when it gets fixed. the issue was reported more than once. one of the many replies can be found here:

as a matter of fact there was not even a question more like a sarcastic statement with a question mark at the end.

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