Daily Login Window Patch for Seasonal Skins

Get ready to buzz for the Anniversary with this update to the Daily Login Window! Permission has been granted to share this file (DailyLogin.swf) as early access for sweetlings who wish to enjoy maximum seasonal dressing on their Daily Login elements!


This update to the Daily Login Window allows it to display seasonal window skins when there are 21 days of Anniversary rewards and 28 days of Samhain rewards. It includes a brand new 21-Day Anniversary Skin so that the Daily Login Window will be appropriately seasonal when the Anniversary has 21 Login Rewards!

In addition, this update re-implements the 28-Day Samhain Skin that was in development and was only briefly implemented in the past. The background graphic and design for the 28-Day Samhain Skin was left as it was when it was originally implemented, and thus will show whether or not your Daily Cache Key has been claimed for the day. The Daily Cache Key is not part of your Samhain Login Rewards. The Cache Key is the regular daily Patron Bonus Cache Key, despite its presence on the Samhain side. It’s a reminder to claim your Cache Key!

Please be aware that the specific version of this Daily Login Window update uploaded in this post has not gone through QA approval and is being provided as a courtesy in the interim. It has gone through rigorous testing for all seasonal events to ensure it functions precisely as anticipated. As per Funcom’s policy, the Source code used in the creation of DailyLogin.swf will not be included in this post. The only way to access Funcom’s Flash Source for Secret World Legends is to download the version that comes with and is updated alongside Secret World Legends itself.

To make use of this DailyLogin.swf update, please do the following:

  1. Download the DailyLogin.log file from this post as found directly below these directions.
  2. Rename DailyLogin.log to DailyLogin.swf by changing the extension from LOG to SWF. It was a SWF file the entire time. This file WILL NOT work with Secret World Legends until it is renamed to DailyLogin.swf.
  3. Place the file that is now named DailyLogin.swf into your Secret World Legends Custom Flash folder (Secret World Legends\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash).

DailyLogin.log (1.6 MB)

Allow yourself to feel the festivities and let your celebrations take flight!

Patch Notes

  • Fixed ordering of Reward clips in pre-existing 28-Day Samhain Skin.
  • Re-implemented pre-existing 28-Day Samhain Skin.
    • Note that the 28-Day Samhain Skin will be visible ONLY when the Samhain event itself is active.
  • Removed border duplicates from the second rows of all pre-existing 21-Day Login Reward skins for the sake of consistency.
  • Implemented a brand new 21-Day Anniversary Skin where previously there was none.
    • Note that the 21-Day Anniversary Skin will be visible ONLY when the Anniversary event itself is active.


Example of the updated DailyLogin.swf can be seen in this visual comparison between [LEFT] the current version of DailyLogin.swf in Secret World Legends as of 20 June 2024 and [RIGHT] the updated version of DailyLogin.swf available here.

Both versions are shown as they appear when the Anniversary and Samhain events are active.