Dalinsia Snowhunter Missing person report

on 2 official servers. I have not seen a Dalinsia spawn sense last big update. Everyone on server has said they been hunting for her as well and not found her at all. Is she broken? gone from game?

Just RNG.


took me a week to find her. It def is RNG and the odds suck. Worth it in the end :slight_smile:

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Go get yourself a Beastmaster, he spawns 90% of the time and levels a lot faster. He is superior IMO, you can level 3 of him in the time it takes to get one Snowhunter to level 20, 3 times the odds of getting a God thrall.

I have a few Beastmasters that would eat Snowhunter for breakfast.

Where do you get the Beastmaster from?

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