Dalinsia Snowhunter not spawning in Exiled Lands since last patch

I have visited the places she spawns (5) probably 500 times in the last month and she is missing.

So are female Berserkers in Exiled lands. 1 female, to 100 male.

I am assuming these are BUGS or poorly implemented RNG values.


Dalinsia is definitely still around as I just got one two days back from Stargazer’s Crest.
Additionally I would say about 60/40 of my berserker army is comprised of females,
Sounds like unlucky RNG on your end :frowning:


Sorry, but Snowhunter’s spawn rate is definately been nerfed on Exiled Lands since the server transfer patch. She is very hard to find in Isle of Siptah, but that is no reason to nerf the spawn rate in Exiled Lands. The two worlds are very different.

You sound like you just got your orders to go find some Snowhunters now in the current game. I did find two female berserkers this week so maybe that is fixed.

You are playing on Official servers right? I do PvP and a few PvE-C, Official.

Nope. Just RNG, still. Dalinsia’s spawn rate remains the same. Feel free to load up the kit and look at the spawn tables if you feel like I’m lying for some weird reason. She actually has a significant amount more chance of spawning then almost any other tier 4 fighter as it is.


For a month on 5 servers? Okay, if you say so. I don’t have the kit and despite what the kit says there could be a scripting bug with the merging of Siptah and Exiled Lands. I am pretty familiar with catching Snowhunter after 2-3 years and I never saw this before.

…what? Just, no.

If you want to turn this into a measuring contest, I’ve been around and worked with the spawn system for hundreds of hours since 2018.

Its RNG. Every other week for years on end there is always someone on the various forums that insist “Dalinsia doesn’t work anymore.” After pretty much every patch. You are just the latest. And there will be someone else after.

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Human brains are really good as seeking out and finding patterns, we’re so good at it that we can even see them when they aren’t there

It won’t make you feel better but I guarantee there is someone out there who’s found a half dozen Dalinsia since the last update

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I got her six times this week, four times in one run through Mounds of the Dead; she was wandering around the main building, standing with the Bearer in the back, Kneeling on the ground in the building just above the Berserker in the water, and finally, she was up at Star Gazer’s Crest. The other two times, I got her west of MotD, over by the camp with a single fighter and some wolves; and also standing just down the ramp from the main building heading to the Bearer area.


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