Dalinsia taking a vacation

I’ve been farming stargazers crest and the entire mounds for the last two days. About 15 hrs worth of spawns and I’ve yet to see her. Has her spawn rate been nerfed into the ground or am I just really unlucky? Is there a better spawn for her in one of the outer lying camps that I’m missing?


Well since they nothing has been updated in along time I feel the RNG gods have turned against you. Recommend plenty of sacrifices. Seems I heard of people finding her in a different place quite a while back.


That is some unfortunate bad luck. People talk about her being rare, but I find her quite regularly in those locations - Stargazer’s Crest plus full sweep of the mounds.

In any case, a 23 STR 26 VIT relic hunter treasure seeker edges her out in damage, and has 8500 HP. Dalinsia at 53 STR and 55 VIT only 7714 HP.

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I finally found her last night so hepedilly she’s happy to show up a bit more often now lol. Yeah her vitality bonus is pretty low but her str bonus is huge so I’ll stick with her and a few Teimos’s.

I don’t know if it is still the same, but we used to find her at WightWatch, not often, but definitely worth looking everytime we were in the area.

You must have gotten some awesome RNG luck in the past. When the RNG gods favor a person for a particular instance, they are very harsh and cruel for long periods of time afterwards. I think it to teach us mortals some sort of lesson or something.

So, now that you got her, prepare for a long stretch of RNG god scorn.

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The lesson they are trying to teach is the gambler’s fallacy.

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