Dancer III went underground after closing and reloading my offline Single Player game

So I’m playing Single Player (Offline), and I had a Dancer III disappear on me last week. I had two Dancer III’s entertaining my row of 15 or so Fighters, and one day, one of them simply wasn’t there when I started the game.

I checked the Thrall Pot, which indicated that both of the Dancer III’s were still using it, and a couple days later I noticed I could hear “water bubbling” sounds like you hear when swimming/breathing underwater, around the location that the Dancer III disappeared.

So I enabled Admin mode to fly and ghost myself through the ground, and lo-and-behold, there was my Dancer III, about ten meters underneath the ground surface, just floating there in a swimming pose (my base is next to the lake at the top of the northern aqueduct, so she would’ve been below the level of the nearby water).

So I was able to retrieve my Dancer III in my Single Player game, but someone who is playing on official servers would not have that luxury, and the inaccessible thrall(s) will still count towards the thrall limit.

Sorry but I’m not able to reproduce this one; I’ve been playing for months and this is the first (and only) time I’ve seen it happen.

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Hey @MartinB105, thank you for sharing this issue with us, we’ll be sure to forward the details to our team.

Do you recall which exact type of building piece it was standing on?

She wasn’t standing on any building piece, it was just the regular ground outside of my base. Specifically, it was the area around where the grass and snow meet up next to the lake at the top of the northern aqueduct.

Good save. Have had similar recently could not find in ghost mode. Finally came back after game froze. I started parking thralls on ground instead of foundations. Oh boy what now.

I think in my case, the water below ground stopped her going further down. If I’d been somewhere without water, I guess she might’ve just disappeared because there would be nothing for her to become stuck on?

I imagine the game stores the “Guard” location of each thrall as a vertex. Then when the game loads, it casts a ray down from that vertex and tests for the first ground intersection in order to determine where the thrall should be standing. But if for some reason the test fails to match an intersection with the ground on which the thrall should be placed, then the ray continues and goes underneath it. In my case, the ray then hit the water, causing the thrall to be positioned there. But if there’s no water underneath, then who knows? Maybe the thrall never gets spawned in at all? Or maybe at some garbage location like a default boundary, or -inf/+inf/NaN?

I imagine that the guard location vertex probably doesn’t change between server restarts, even if the spawn fails in this way. And if this is the case, then when the bug is fixed, the missing thralls should reappear once the fix is applied in an update.

I wish I’d made a backup of my save data now so I could submit it so Funcom could verify my theory; unfortunately it is now solved for me and I cannot reproduce it. But if I encounter it again, I’ll be sure to do this!


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