Data loss and cool time beyond human history

I was warned that it was a cool time until the next upload or 160,495,414 hours.
Three character data have already disappeared.
It is troublesome to enter it in the template anymore.

I strongly hope that it will stop functioning until the problem of server movement is fixed.

Do you know the problem that data disappears frequently when the character’s server is moved in the work of another company?

I don’t want much.
I have one request.

Do the right job.

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You should send a report to Zendesk they may still be able to help or send a Personal message to @community

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Hi @Chevalier_llzq

Please make sure you check out our post on how to report character transfer issues: How to report an issue with Character Transfers

Also please make sure you select the correct option (Character Transfer Issues) in the Request Type drop down menu from our ticket form. You can find this option at the bottom of the drop down menu

Hope this helps!