Database: 3x Same Object Yamatai Katana

Database: 3x Same Object Yamatai Katana

3x Standard
3x Epic

Do they not come in three variants for standard and epic, respectively? Even if it seems to be only the color of the grip…
Spawn each of them and have a look :wink:

I changed my post again. Thank you.
Are only 3 times twice.

it is normal to have them twice if you look at their stats , one is the non epic version ( low level made with iron ) and the other is the epic version (higher level , and made with star metal ) , also the 3 katanas have different handles , so indeed we end up with 6 different karanas :wink:

Its like this On Ps4 as well, (which is patches behind) Its been like this since mid 2020? or before.

There 3 versions listed on blacksmith table, (form start when you get 1st feat) all 3(6) are same.

Honestly havn’t made them in 2 weeks? But epics and flawless (On ps4) which doesnt have Spitah) all have 1 version for each catogory. (lv1 and lv60) but theres the repeats for base version taking up a row.

It’s intended. You get 3 Katana skins with the Yamatai DLC, they have (very) slight differences

i do wish they would find a way to name them differently myself honestly

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After 2nd glance, ya, they have slighlty different colored handles.

Under right light …don’t even notice really.

So basically they need add “Tan”, “Grey” and “Blue” in there names.

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