Day 1 of Sorcery

Still learning it but so far im very pleased.

Actually had to pay attention during a boss fight so my thrall didnt get killed and i had to intervene.

The Challenges very often go where i need to go anyways to get resources.

Happy camper here!

Thank you.


At any time at least one of my active challenges can’t be completed due to them requiring specific map. But no worries, surely they fix this in 2025 :ok_hand:

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So far all location-specific challenges I’ve seen have been on the Exiled Lands map, and everyone should have access to that. Are there Siptah-specific challenges? If so, that’s unfair.

My point was - forcing players, playing on Siptah, to log on into EL server to do EL only challenges, and then log back to Siptah to continue their game session is an avid example of wasting players time. Especially when there is like 90% possibility you will get another EL challenge during the same game session.


Arguably that’s true for every single challenge…


Well ive got all maps so that why i can complete it.

Day 3 of Sorcery-

Tried out War party for the first time.

Frikken ownage!

Once again needs me to actually do something.

Time will tell how powerful it really is.

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