DayZ has tought me something about interesting loot


Say what you will about DayZ, but it’s got interesting loot. Interactive loot!

I love how you can combine a knife, a rope and a stick into an improvised bow.
Or tactical belt, onto which you can mount a holster and a canteen.
Or an assault vest, onto which you can hook up a utility-butt-pack onto.
Or a tactical helmet, that has railings that can be upgraded with night vision goggles and other stuff.
Or assault boots, into which you can store a knife of any kind into.
Or combine a tripod, with a cooking pot and place that over a firepit to create a cooking place.
Or take a battery out of a flashlight and put it into any other electrical gadget.
Or attach a universal light, 4 different scopes, 4 different railings, and stocks, muzzle accesories to an assault rifle…

I like how vehicles are so micro-managed with water, gasoline, and many many components… they spawn with half their components missing so you godda compile them together from all over the map…

My point is Conan Exiles could do with some modularity in the weapons and gear.
Get first part of a legendary drop to make a dagger… then a second legendary piece to upgrade dagger into a gladius… then a third artifact and turn gladius into a longsword…then a greatsword etc.

An extra belt for some more encumbrance. Add some runes to the blade for some elemental component.

Tattoos that glow in the dark and confer some permanent-until-death perks.

In CE everything feels a bit static at the moment.
There’s so much you can do with the map that is already there.
Send the player around the map for an epic quest for epic weapons that grow with the user.

Half your team worked on EverQuest before. You guys know epic progression with Anarchy Online.
Make loot interesting. Just sayin. Adding some interestinbg effects to loot and adding a nice description for it doesn’t cut it anymore. Loot needs to be interactive :slight_smile: So much more engaging.

I still to this day adore and love the rank-badge that people have in Anarchy Online. You’d collect commendation points for every mission done, and add that to the rank badge. When you got enough points you’d upgrade that rank badge effectively earning yourself a promotion and permanent buffs when wearing that on your shoulder.

How freakin cool was that? How did we lose such a cool feature in modern games!?


So if I recall, Age of Conan had a major expansion called rise of the God slayer, and it was pretty much it’s own game, based in khitai. That just gives me hope that they are certainly capable of alot, but maybe they want to spread it out over time so players don’t get burned out.

Just my .2

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