DC'd and cant rejoin same server (official 1060)

Game mode: [Online Official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [EU]

[Massive delay started happening ingame, could sprint without using stamina for example, mobs stood still (made a sound when hit but nothing happened besides that.) decided to relog to see if that would fix it as on the 3 different servers i’ve played on now it’s happened on all 3. Including for my cousin living miles and miles away from me. I can’t rejoin the server now as i get stuck in an Endless Loading screen. Searching Google for an answer has provided nothing. I can join all other servers just fine, just not the same i was playing on. Official Server 1060 PvP]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. was simply playing and noticed a massive delay starting
  2. delay didn’t go away after a few minutes and got to a point where i could sprint and lose no stamina
  3. decided to log out to rejoin in hopes of it fixing it
  4. now i can’t even get back on the server as im stuck in endless loading screen, Official Server 1060

DDoS, they using netlimiter to steal loot from bases without raiding, again.

i’m not sure if that’s the case tho, can’t say for sure. But DDoS on 3 different official servers i’ve been on after a few hours of playtime?

Everyone can do that and since there is guide on youtube, many ppl know how to do that and many ppl are doing that.
Confirmed on #1060, i got message from my friend yesterday, they lost everything from stations/fridges without being raided so they quit.

Server is unplayable last 6 days.

Last 2 weeks is server under DDoS, whats going on Funcom? We all sent report via https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSczivzEMIcmU1HK0cCZm6kpY-jnsKHdZvHtljXIAXfH5E72Rg/viewform days ago but nothing is happening. We cant play for two weeks. Sometimes im able to connect at 2AM or 6AM morning but server is unplayable and we had 40 active players back then, whats happening?

I’ve also sent reports to that site, unfortunately, there’s a certain clan who’s causing the DDOSing because they don’t want to get raided and they’re likely to persist doing this after funcom deleted one of their undermesh bases.

I highly doubt GPortal or Funcom can do anything about this, it’s just a shame a certain someone has to DDOS the server so he doesn’t get wiped out.

Do not let this server die Funcom. If u have no solution, can u tell us atleast so we can start playing somewhere else? We are bored of waiting

Our team is working on a set f backend tools to provide an extra layer of protection for servers affected by network attacks, such as the ones happening in 1060.
Apologies for the frustration until they’re finally deployed.

The server 1060 is still under ddos attack and unplayable during raid time, no one can play and g-portal don’t respond to the tickets report,
can funcom staff look at the problem please, thanks you.


Yes I agree, and even worse some of the servers are suffering speed hackers, ty Funcom for disabling the ability to report or simply see who is online in Players lists. Funcom? Why are you siding with these hackers and Griefers? What did we do to you?

If you can’t report a hacker then they don’t exist … this they moderate … what was the worst idea If this was the best idea?

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Server still unjoinable, DDOS is running right now, Hello ???

Every day, same sh*t… 7 Hours DDoS, nobody can join the server.

05h50 the DDOS start again ! (will keep this thread up until funcom react)
it’s clearly a manual ddos by a kids with his residential connexion, it started with a random 2-3 min attack ans escalated with full attack during the entire raid timer everyday since 10+ days, check the server log past 2 weeks and you will find the patern, by chance if the this guy have a static IP, just blackkist it from the 1060, well just do your administration work please ><

It’s terrible… We can’t play, we have paid for a game we cannot play just because of some idiots children ! Do something !

So is #1092

Private servers are waiting with arms wide open and ready to welcome you… Just sayin :man_shrugging: . You can keep asking Funcom to police officials whether you play on them or not, Continuing to play on officials doesnt solve the problem any more than moving to private does…

In fact the more players that move to private and away from official, the more pressure you put on Funcom to re-evaluate their policy on server moderation. When officials are literally just filled with cheaters trying to out cheat each other and all legit players are on private then maybe Funcom will think about moderating them. If the play ground is covered in old needles from drug addicts and covered in litter and the government won’t do anything to clean it up why the hell would you keep playing there? Isnt that pretty much the definition of cutting off your own nose to spite your face, lol

if everyone left official Servers, rather than up their moderation, Funcom could decide to just close down the servers and save money.

Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad of an outcome. They could invest that money into other aspects of the game. Altohugh I find it highly unlikely that they would just opt for having no officials, but they may well close a vast majority of them, In my eyes this would then force the cheating types to have to play on private aswell where they would either have to stop hacking or get banned over and over again. In my eyes I don’t see what would be so bad about that