[DE/EN] Sklavenmarkt / Thrall Market [PVP, WE-Raids] 32 Slots

Hi there
We started this server (nitrado/frankfurt) on the 01.06 and are looking for more players (we have a hand full of clans of 2-3 players and solos playing)

Point of this server is to have a relaxed but still balanced game without missing out on any mechanics:

  • PVP on
  • Raids on weekends 16h-21h
  • Ressources gathering 2.5x
  • Hunger & thirst 0.8x
  • Friendly fire 0.1x
  • Durability 0.2x (increased)
  • Purge & Avatars (short) on
  • No XP multipliers
  • Max clan size 5

We welcome soloplayers! They should expect some PVP but not to get harassed by clans. We call it friendly PvP :wink:

The server is paid for 30 days, if anything is still going on after 30 days it will be prolonged

The server can be found under
01.06[DE/EN][PvP/Relaxed] Sklavenmarkt / Thrall market

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