Dead and all items gone from base but no base damage, no event log updates

Game mode: [Online |PVP]
Problem: Performance
Region: America (Server 1809)

This issue has happened at least twice. I log out in my base with junk in my hot bar and pants equipped (nothing i dont mind losing). Its also worth noting my logout space is a small, heavier fortified room within another room. When i log back in, i am naked and my hot bar items are gone. All of my items at crafting tables and thralls are gone as if I was raided. However, there is no update to the even log and there is no damage to my base. It is as if someone just opened all the doors, walked in and walked out. I am not in a clan or anything like that. Perhaps i am not understanding the behavior of bases but this appears to be a glitch or a hacking type behavior.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: