Dead bodies glitching

Server: Combat_TestLive_EU3_PvE
Dead bodies are glitching


Noticed this as well. Their corpses disappear a lot more now as well. Before I would say 25% of the corpses would glitch out and disappear, but now it is 50-75%.


Hey there @Sting01

Thanks for the heads-up, sending it to our team so they can look into it.

Yes, most npc’s now when killed sink partially in ground, some more than others, and some you can look at them while they vanish in the ground.

Seems happen on server and singleplayer.


It is also happening on official testlive US server


happening to me too, on US3 at the moment


Can confirm… also my thrall just causually strolls thru a NPC camp on scouting when I died… that cant be right… thrall will also not attack just watches on like 'you picked this fight mate, you finish it…"

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my thrall is now just watching me fight too. He works great with a bludgeon though. Not any damaging weapons.

yeah, again can confirm, took my archers bow away, he’s a brawler now kickn and punching… at least he’ll hold aggro while I stab from behind haha

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