Dead Official PvP Server Revival


There’s a lot of talk about the necessity of wiping the official PvP servers, particularly because of alphas hording duped and glitched pre-patch items. People say they wish Funcom had left the servers wiped after they did so accidentally about a month ago. I agree with this, but if you want a fresh environment there are quite a few dead and decayed officials to play on. Obviously no one wants to play on an empty server, which is why I’m proposing for those of us who want a wipelike experience to focus on one at a time.

Official server 1576 ( ) has been dead for months. I just combed almost the entire map (didn’t go into the frozen north/volcano) and only found one decayed sandstone structure. It seems like a prime candidate for a server revival. Unfortunately I’m a solo player, and just me logging on every day isn’t going to get anyone’s notice in the server browser so I’m posting the idea here. Hope those of you who want a fresh experience will join me on 1576.

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This is a phenomenal idea. Great going!

For thread reference, from the IP address, Official Server #1576 PvP is a US West Coast server.

This reminds me, please Funcom list time zones of servers!!! On console it is a guessing game on anything US regional.

Can we maybe reassign some dead servers to new server types such as no raidtimer no event log no increased rates?

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This would be the best use of them, imo. Bring back PvP Mayhem. 24/7 raids with an anonymous event log.

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Yay! Bring back EA Conan. I miss it.

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