Dead thralls by animals PVE-C


Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [Here]

[I joined pve-c so my base would not be destroyed by players, now what i notised is that some other ppl keep dragging mammoths in my base wich are killing all my thralls outside and evetually they can loot the body’s. The thralls all die becouse they dont fight back for some reason… The only things they attack are things that are attacking me or things from the purge. This is obviously broken as for example one archer walks in your base and kills all thralls outside becouse they dont fight back]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Drag an animal inside some one base
  2. Wait till it starts raging and killing everyone
  3. Loot the dead thralls
  4. [owner of the base] Cry in the corner for your dear thralls to not be among you anymore.


Unfortunately at the moment it works just like you have described, everybody can easily wipe your thralls pulling a random beast on them, there could be also a thousand of them, and they would probably get killed anyway by a couple of wolves…in time.
Thralls now spawn also with very low health, even more easy to kill then.
The only positive side now is that other players thralls CANNOT be looted anymore, if someone that is not the original owner try to loot the body, he will see the content of the inventory but will not be able to pick it up, not even skinning the body etc.
A feature that, luckily, was introduced with the last patch.
Therefore someone that does something like this is a griefer and nothing more (PVE bannable).

Now…if they could only fix the rest of the game.


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