“Deadmeet” (PS4) Heavy Roleplay Server - Looking for new Adventurers!

“Deadmeet” (PS4) - a heavy roleplaying (RP) server - are looking for new adventurers, warriors and barkeeps (or whatever takes your fancy!), to join our expanding server. We are a heavy roleplay server, and this of course means rules and limitations, but fear not! We all have a great time and the system we have in place is there to assure that everybody is on the same playing-field and of the same mindset.

Some of the things we offer:

  • Extensive profession-based system, allowing you to tune your character whichever way you like.
  • Earn Roleplaying Points (RPP) by roleplaying! And then spend them on upgrading your class, buying building space or purchasing your own tailor-made admin event!
  • Admins who are there to help and progress the over-arching story.
  • A friendly server of like-minded people. We are all here to have a good time. As stress free (OOC’ly) as possible.
  • Everybody starts at level 60! We found the leveling system to be flawed when paired with our profession system, and so shot one in the foot. No need to break RP to power level - yay! Settings are adjusted accordingly.
  • No item drop on death.

Please, stop by our discord and chat with us. We love meeting new, experienced and veterans roleplayers alike. We are here to have a fun time whilst exploring the Conan universe of the Exiled Lands in a unique way. We are all about the long road; the stories, the relationships, the community.

Give us a shot :slight_smile:

PS. Remember, we are a heavy roleplaying server!!! :slight_smile:

https ://discord.gg/fVpknb3

Obsidian Portal (website):
https ://deadmeet.obsidianportal.com/


We are still looking for roleplayers - newcomers and veterans alike! Rumors in the south say that there is a prospering town in the north where goods can be sold, mercenaries may ply their trade and deathly tales can be swapped.

Come and join in the fun!

Great community! This is the first Conan Exiles server I’ve found that actually puts RP before gameplay. All of the systems created have truly increased immersion, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Deadmeet!

This group has some amazing writing and a great central player built neutral city! It’s a great find. If you are interested in good RP sessions make sure you check it out!

Sounds really cool!!! how can i apply? i looking for PVE RP now! im a noob on RP but i really wish to join and increase the game!! and what region you guys are?

Is this server atill available?

Prefer building more than anything else. Official and private servers people just want to wipe whatever I’ve built so it becomes pointless