Dear Funcom... A humble request

Hello Funcom. Love your work. Your reputation proceeds you in my circles. You practically run a gaming charity with some of your older titles when any other company would’ve pulled the plug. Customer service always gets back to me when I have a problem, even if I take years off at a time. If you were a person you’d strike me as the kind of artist who puts heart into his work and doesn’t throw away his old drawings. I like that. Thanks for all the years of fun and hard work. Age of Conan. Anarchy Online. Secret World. Conan Exiles… Love 'em all.

From what I gather, this particular game (Age of Conan) is in maintenance mode so there won’t be any big game changing updates or content expansions in the future. With that in mind, my request should require minimal time and effort. I guess it all depends on how things are coded.

Is it possible to reduce the number of players needed to start a battleground match? I know some might consider it taboo in an open world MMORPG but I’ve got to be honest… I love the combat in this game and I want to brawl with friends and strangers. I just want to stand around in town, looking cool, queuing up for BG pops over and over. I mean, I’ll do other stuff too but it would be so refreshing if this playstyle were an option. And if you could do it low level, quickly out the gate? chefs kiss Oh my god. I’d buy a character slot for each class and never leave Tortage.

I’m not asking for new BG maps or any balancing or anything. It doesn’t even need to be fair, the game is 15 years old and on cruise control. It’s all just for fun. Maybe have BGs pop at 1v1 and then just add players to either side as more people queue? Can the BGs be set to Free-For-All instead of teams? Just something simple. A variable changed here. A setting changed there. Something simple that lets a player and their friends just cut straight to some action. It’s a small population, I know, which is why it’d need to be small numbers like starting off 1v1 and filling in or something. Extra points if you don’t have to wait until level 80.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I hope someone will think it over. Thanks again for all the years of awesome. o7

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