Death’s Edge balancing on lower difficulty

In playing Metal Hellsinger on Lamb difficulty, I noticed it was a very casual, beginner friendly experience throughout the entirety of the story and most of the torments, but I’ve noticed the balancing for Death’s Edge is a bit off and doesn’t translate well on Lamb difficulty as it’s an extreme ramp up in difficulty compared to the rest of the torments. Most torments are balanced nicely between difficulties due to the weapon balancing that makes it easier/harder to perform and lead enemies into slaughters, build up ultimates, etc., but these mechanics have little to no effect in Death’s Edge due to the torment’s gimmick of no healing and no decrease in damage received between difficulties. This creates a huge skill gap between it and other torments on Lamb difficulty. While I understand it’s meant to be a challenge, because of this, difficulty selection for this torment doesn’t really change anything. Damage taken stays the same and there’s no healing in any difficulty.


In contrast, I played DE on Beast, I think I only managed to die two times near the end, switched it to Lamb (I didn’t want to spend too much time) then died from an explosion, and then beat it.

For reference, I died 8 times in my whole Beast playthrough and only played DE on Lamb just “to beat it”.

Arguably, it felt easier on Lamb but it wasn’t “free”, don’t know the exact details of what changed, but absolute 0 healing is overkill for Lamb considering enemies are the same in Beast.
Personally not asking to gift the player with a free non-challenge but there’s a huge skill gap between this and other torments where if you fail, it’s usually a time fail.

As a challenge for Beast sure, it was hard: but the point is this Torment might need a rework to make it more accessible for those gamers who really want to see everything the game has to offer.

A design decission on your end, just like Elden Ring doesn’t have an easy mode, but from my end I’d suggest more fodder and less elites overwhelming the player could greatly help, at least only on Lamb

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